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nina_bobina's Journal

Nina's icons
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Welcome to my icon livejournal!

Right now I do take requests and if you want me to make you something comment and tell me.

1. No Hotlinking! please, I have a very limited bandwith
2. Credit silver_shaft or nina_bobina when you use my icons.
3. Don't alter my icons, even if they are textless, unless I say that they're bases.
4. Comments are nice. They make my feel loved <3.
5. Have fun! and please be nice to me :D

I also have two set of brushes that I can't remember where they're from. One is called "bleed for me", and the other is just "clippings" I believe they're from the same site. So if you know who made them please tell me so I can credit them.

I'm currently not affilitated with anyone. *teardrop* It's probably because I'm too shy to ask anyone. But still if you want to be affiliated just comment :)

About Me:
My name is Antonina, but everyone calls me Nina. I'm 13 and in the 8th grade. I currently live on Georgia, but I was born in New York.

Harry Potter. Bollywood. Movies. Pirates of the Caribbean. Mugglenet. Mugglecast. Making icons. Writing. Musicals.